HANDBOOK of composites /

Lubin, George

HANDBOOK of composites / George Lubin - New York : Van Nostrand, c 1982 - 786 p. : il.;, 26 cm.

Bibliografía al final de los capítulos Glosario: p. 755-778

Applications and properties of epoxy resin systems are skillfully described as well as test methods characterizing the system from separate components to cured resins Fully invessstigated are production methods, properties, structure/morphology, and prepreg methods of each composite filament on the market, application fo continuous and discontinuo su graphite-fiber-reinforcer composited, bag molding methods and filament winding. Incluced an analysis of poyimides with a new coverage of polybutadiene and vinyl esters and extensive discussion on glass-filled thermoooplastics It covers tshe processing methods features and new information on parting agents and environmetal resistance It keeps the current development in the industru and gives the teste methodology and design analysis techniques It provides the lastest information on materials, processes, and applications of composites Numerous types of insaturated polyester resins are analyzed The low tooling cos t of polyester resins that are sed in fabricated products


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